Run command (macOS):

cd /usr/local/lib
sudo curl -O
alias fireflyCli='java -jar /usr/local/lib/firefly-boot-4.9.5-jar-with-dependencies.jar'

Run fireflyCli:

fireflyCli --version

The terminal print:

The fireflyCli version is 4.9.5
Usage: fireflyCli [options]
  * --groupId, -g
      The project group id.
  * --artifactId, -a
      The project artifact id.
  * --packageName, -p
      The project package name, e.g., .
  * --domainName, -d
      The project domain name, e.g., .
  * --jarName, -j
      The project jar name.
    --template, -t
      The scaffold template name, the value is firefly-web-seed or
      Default: firefly-web-seed
    --outputPath, -o
      The project output path, current path is default.
      Default: .
    --fireflyVersion, -f
      The firefly version.
      Default: 4.9.5
    --buildTool, -b
      The build tool name, the value is maven or gradle.
      Default: maven
    --help, -h
      Show the firefly cli usage.
    --version, -v
      Show the firefly cli version.

Create a Kotlin web project

Run command:

fireflyCli -g -a abc-haha -p -d -j

This command creates a Kotlin web project in the current path. Import abc-haha project in your IDE.

Create a simple Kotlin project

Add parameter -t firefly-simple-seed, it specifies a simple Kotlin project template, run command:

fireflyCli -g -a abc-simple -p -d -j -t firefly-simple-seed