Firefly v3.0.4 is released

14 Dec 2014, Alvin Qiu

Firefly v3.0.4 optimized the asynchronous log performance and added some new JSON APIs, AIO network frameworks, and ALPN (Application Layer Protocol Negotiation) support. Now, firefly changed the JDK dependency to JDK7. Firefly v3.0.4 takes advantage of JDK7 provides brand new asynchronous I/O and j.u.c APIs to enhance the performance. Please click view all to see the details.

Firefly v3.0.3 is released

14 Nov 2014, Alvin Qiu

Firefly v3.0.3 fixed some bugs and optimized the framework's performance. The last update was one year ago. During this time, I have been improving various aspects of Firefly framework. Now, I have deployed firefly to Apache Central Repository, so you can download it easy. Please click view all to see the details.