Enable HTTPs

fun main() {
        .router().get("/").handler { ctx -> ctx.end("Hello https! ") }
        .enableSecureConnection() // (1)
        .listen("localhost", 8090)

    `$`.httpClient().get("https://localhost:8090/").submit() // (2)
        .thenAccept { response -> println(response.stringBody) }
  1. Use httpServer.enableSecureConnection method to enable default https certificate.
  2. Once the https enabled, the http2 protocol has the high priority in the ALPN handshake.

Set secure session factory

The https server uses Firefly insecure self-signed certificate. It is just can be used in test or development stage. If you want to use your certificate file instead of the self-signed certificate, you can use the FileConscryptSSLContextFactory that can read your jks(KeyStore) file.

The first, copy your jks file (such as fireflySecureKeys.jks) to your classpath.

Notes: the maven resource filter will modify your jks file. It can cause the jks verifying failure. If you use maven and copy the jks file to the src/main/resources folder, you must exclude the jks file in maven resource filter. For example:


We only add xml files to the maven resource filter.